The Military ENERGY GUM (MEG) Story

Marketright Inc. and the Military have worked together since 1998 to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths.

The result, Military Energy Gum (MEG), is finally in production and available to the U.S. Armed Forces and security agencies.  

Troops no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to keep alert.  

MEG has been field tested by Military Labs.

MEG has been proven to be an effective and efficient tool for addressing the fatigue/sleep deprivation problems that have been causing injuries and deaths among our troops.  

Not only does MEG decrease accidents, but it increases soldier performance.  Clinical studies have proven increased physical and cognitive performance as well as improved marksmanship and overall vigilance under sleep deprived conditions.  

It has been concluded that MEG provides a rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being a lightweight, compact, and convenient vehicle.  

MEG decreases accidents – increases performance – saves lives.

military ENERGY Gum (meg) Development Chronology

1998 – Military Energy Gum becomes part of the military fatigue relief research program.
1999 – Program receives $250M budget line item to fund initial research.
2000 – Study is successfully completed showing oral speed of absorption and effect on alertness and cognitive abilities.
2001 – The Military Committee On Military Research Recommends Military Energy Gum for Military Operations – recommends chewing gum for speed of absorption and action.

2002 – Completes performance research – statistically significant improvement in simulated war games.
2003 – Successfully completes tolerance studies and low user, high user studies.
2003 – Military Labs completed soldier acceptability study – taste scores low, functionality scores high, will use if available scores high.
2003 – Product was provided for use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

2003 – Canadian Military Service conducts field study – statistically significant improvement in marksmanship upon chewing Military Energy Gum.

2003 – Military Energy Gum is approved for Department of Defense (DOD) catalog to supply every battalion.
2004 – Clinicals completed, proving Military Energy Gum enhances physical performance.
2005 – Military Labs approves usage of Military Energy Gum and assignment of the National Stock Number, also recommends procurement by Battalion Commanders.